Skylar Cassandra Jackson

IMG 2163

Gender Female

Hair color Dark brown

Eye color Brown

Familly Sister (Kamillah)

Skylar, labeled The Arrogant, was born on May 17, 1995 in New Jersey. Skylar is spoiled ever since she was a kid and always shows off when her parents buy her something (i.e. Jewels, a new car etc.). Skyler is never that excited of meeting new people, as she calls most people "dweebs' . She always carries her make up at phone around, as she finds herself pretty and interesting.

Original DesignEdit


Skylar's design hasn't changed much , her eyes are a little rounder and her pants changen a bit too, further she got a watch, and a tad darker hair.

Audition TapeEdit

Tdh skylar s audition by puckxkus-d552c76

Skylar: "Hi, i'm Skylar. I'm 17 and i'd like to audition for Total Drama Hotel. What i can bring the show? better ratings, i mean, look at me! I'm pretty, i'm popular, i'm one of the most talented peeps here in Jersey."

Kamillah: *accidentally drops the camera*

Skylar: *twiches eye* Kamillah! for f*** sake! i told ya to keep the camera stil!

Kamillah: *a little afraid* sorry big sis, this thing is f***ing heavy

Skylar: *facepalm* as i was saying, i am very talented, a jerserlicious singer, check this out *starts singing*

*battery runs out and screen fades*

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